Sunday, May 20, 2012

Red FM Morning #1 Swati aur Peeyuush ke Saath

Morning #1, A show which is on air since 2005. When I was studying in class of 12th and Simran used to host show. I used to listen her everyday from 7am to 11 am and then I switch to Radio Mirchi for Ulta-Pulta Nitin. But time has changed and now I don’t find Simran at Red Fm 93.5 (Bajate Raho!) anymore as she is working with Radio city and hosting show Dhinchak Morning.  And Nitin Become Khurafati on Fever 104. I am listening to everyone on different-different radio channel. But Swaati or Peeyuush ki to baat hi kuch or hai! I am going to discuss there show.

So it’s morning in Delhi and Swati and Peeyuush are here brings morning no #1 for you on Red FM 93.5, Bajate Raho! Swati with amazing voice to entertain Delhi nivasi, But Peeyuush is buzy in “Band Bajane mai”. He use to call people and tell them, he is from somewhere (organization, company etc.) and then make them fool and ask for something strange. People get embraced and abouse Peeyuush, who is not exactly Peeyuush when talking. But after “Band Baja” he tells him/her that “mai Peeyuush bol raha hoon 93.5 Red FM se or aapki band baj rahi hai”. Too cool and interesting show, but if you are new to Red FM then must listen to Swati & Peeyuush. They really rocks!

There are some interesting facts about both Rj which we will discuss further. You keep listening to Red FM 93.5 or Bajate Raho!!