Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Baua Said Happy Diwali !!

Baua the ultimate character of Red FM at, who priviously called someone and wishes him "Happy Diwali" in very sad way (Manhusiyat ke sath). So we recorded that call and here we are lauching that with all of you Baua Lovers :) Enjoy the call and Galiyaan Bhi.

RJ Raunac make all of us laugh when he talk about Baua and become baua...I doubt that if he is Baua but sometimes i feel that Raunc is Baua. Let's find out though this audio and comment below whatever you think. on superhits 93.5 Red fm enjoy the Baua wishes to someone on Diwali.

Monday, November 5, 2012 mein Kadambari ne pakdi buri sangat !!

Punit ne Phone kiya or bola ki, Raunc bhai bacha chahe kisi ka b ho, Agar galat sangat mai par raha hai to log use rokenge jaruru. Ye dekho Baua ne per test b kar liya hai. Kadambari to Bigad gaya... now he is on his way to playing cards so what about you? Wanna test something through Baua on Call to Raunc and he will make it Big on 93.5 Red FM, Bajate Raho!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

DL 935 Par "Hatja Arrey Raunac Aaya" Baua Ke Sath

Hatja Arrey Raunak Aaya, Hatja Arrey Raunac Aaya, DL 93.5.

Phir Se arj Kijiye Ronak Miyaan...On 93.5 Red FM.

Nitesh called from deffence colony and and said,"If people get angry and get coverd theirselve in the room and not get out after even requesting Then what would you do?" Majelelo.Com Baua ne Test kar liya ki kaise bahar aayega. :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Superhits 93.5 Red FM With Baua Bhaiya on DL 93.5

Big fan of Baua or You just love to listen to Baua on Raunak's Show?

Phir se Arj Kijiye Raunak Miyan? Hat ja Bhai Raunak aaya... (On the show DL 93.5)
Baua ne test kar liye per, Aaap khud hi sun lo.

Jo Marzi ho, Whoever listening to Baua, Must enjoying his stupid question and replies of people (Basically Galiyan) :D. Ye Baua kaise-kaise question ask karta hai yaar!? So which conversation of Baua you like the most? It's complicated to tell, right? Hmm it is man! all of his phone calls are so cool and comical and abusiveness. Even we can't stop ourselves to listening to him and do you know who is the "all in all" behind the Baua character? You won't believe but he is none other then Raunak, Yeah that's true! How some can change his voice like that? How some can talk with two personalities as such? Being Raunak and Baua on per Raunak entertains us very much.

One of his call conversation you can listen right from here and to know more about Baua and his funny calls keep visiting Super-hits 93.5 Red FM, Bajate Raho!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge- Awaaz Speaks Out!

Morning No. 1 par Swati Peeyuush kar rahe aise dilliwalon se baat jo crime ke saamne jhukte nahi balki thaan lete hain ki crime ki keh lenge! Aaj studio mein hain Gurgaon se 15 saal ke Awaaz jinko unhi ke ghar ke paas ke bhare bazaar se kidnap kar liya gaya. Nihaathe hone ke bawajood ek teenager Awaaz ne unse muqabla kiya aur bach nikla. Kaise? Tune in to 93.5 Red FM NOW!

Well, ye bol raha hai ki isnai crime ki keh ke li but mere ko to kuch or hi lag rha hai :P Aap samjh hi gaye honge ki mujhe kya lag raha hai :D...Haan haan bilkul right! 

Well to know more about his story tune into 93.5 Red FM, Bajate Raho...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red FM’s RJ Kabir is in love with Pareeneti Chopra

No Gurantee" Monday to Friday Sirf Red FM New Delhi pe raat 9 se 12 , thoda hat ke hai show kyonkin life main kisi bhi cheez ki "No Gurantee.

So Folks, are you listening to RJ Kabir?  Well, he falls in love with Priyanka Chopra’s cousin sister Pareeneti Chopra as he confessed at 9:50 on 11th of May. Hope I am not the one who is listening to him and his love gossips. He shared that he feels bad when someone think about her while listening her super-duper hit movie’s song “Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla”. Kabir, yaar you going to make history I guess. Rest all the best for Pareeneti Boss.

Listening to Kabir's show 'No Guarantee' and the song “Top Shop by Honey Singh” & Red FM per char gaaane chipak kar. I remember once I talked with Kabir and shared my problem, he were very good speaker and adviser who convinced me that day. Now I am able to concentrate on work and doing my best. Right from that day I become daily listener and loving Red FM 93.5 Jo bajata Rehata hai sabki…:P Rest I will discuss about Baua from, he is superb man! Daily gaali khata hai pata nahi kis-kis ki…sanky-Panky would be another subject for me to discuss over Red FM blog.

You keep listening and stay tuned! 

Follow to Kabir on facebook here & Bajate RAho!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Red FM Morning #1 Swati aur Peeyuush ke Saath

Morning #1, A show which is on air since 2005. When I was studying in class of 12th and Simran used to host show. I used to listen her everyday from 7am to 11 am and then I switch to Radio Mirchi for Ulta-Pulta Nitin. But time has changed and now I don’t find Simran at Red Fm 93.5 (Bajate Raho!) anymore as she is working with Radio city and hosting show Dhinchak Morning.  And Nitin Become Khurafati on Fever 104. I am listening to everyone on different-different radio channel. But Swaati or Peeyuush ki to baat hi kuch or hai! I am going to discuss there show.

So it’s morning in Delhi and Swati and Peeyuush are here brings morning no #1 for you on Red FM 93.5, Bajate Raho! Swati with amazing voice to entertain Delhi nivasi, But Peeyuush is buzy in “Band Bajane mai”. He use to call people and tell them, he is from somewhere (organization, company etc.) and then make them fool and ask for something strange. People get embraced and abouse Peeyuush, who is not exactly Peeyuush when talking. But after “Band Baja” he tells him/her that “mai Peeyuush bol raha hoon 93.5 Red FM se or aapki band baj rahi hai”. Too cool and interesting show, but if you are new to Red FM then must listen to Swati & Peeyuush. They really rocks!

There are some interesting facts about both Rj which we will discuss further. You keep listening to Red FM 93.5 or Bajate Raho!!