Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red FM’s RJ Kabir is in love with Pareeneti Chopra

No Gurantee" Monday to Friday Sirf Red FM New Delhi pe raat 9 se 12 , thoda hat ke hai show kyonkin life main kisi bhi cheez ki "No Gurantee.

So Folks, are you listening to RJ Kabir?  Well, he falls in love with Priyanka Chopra’s cousin sister Pareeneti Chopra as he confessed at 9:50 on 11th of May. Hope I am not the one who is listening to him and his love gossips. He shared that he feels bad when someone think about her while listening her super-duper hit movie’s song “Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla”. Kabir, yaar you going to make history I guess. Rest all the best for Pareeneti Boss.

Listening to Kabir's show 'No Guarantee' and the song “Top Shop by Honey Singh” & Red FM per char gaaane chipak kar. I remember once I talked with Kabir and shared my problem, he were very good speaker and adviser who convinced me that day. Now I am able to concentrate on work and doing my best. Right from that day I become daily listener and loving Red FM 93.5 Jo bajata Rehata hai sabki…:P Rest I will discuss about Baua from majeleleo.com, he is superb man! Daily gaali khata hai pata nahi kis-kis ki…sanky-Panky would be another subject for me to discuss over Red FM blog.

You keep listening and stay tuned! 

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